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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by Carol on June 3, 2009

SS, Duck, and Deer 022Mama Deer came back for her baby just a little while after this was taken. But I was getting ready to do an internet search on caring for fawns “just in case”.


5 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. zoe said

    Oh my goodness. So glad you didn’t have to look after baby, but yes, the mommas often go off and leave them, hidden in a dip in the grass. Even though I know that i think it would tear at my heart strings seeing one.

  2. Sue said

    Wow that is awesome! I’d love to see a baby so up close like that. Great pic. Love the name of your blog too.

    Happy WW!

  3. pastelprincess said

    Aww, so cute. Last year, my co workers and I found a fawn in the tall grasses by the office, and we nearly did the same!

  4. You must be awfully “fawned” of the cute little thing to be searching on how to care for it.
    ‘Wonder where its Mama had gone off to?

  5. Beverlydru said

    Amazing photo! Praying for you with your packing and move.

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