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You don’t call, you don’t write – What’s up with that?!

Posted by Carol on August 11, 2009

Beginning several months before we moved to Colorado and continuing to this day, I have been in a bloggy dry spell. I blame it on the move – the physical and emotional upheaval that moving across the country (or even across town) causes.

But now we’re here. We’re all settled in. Mostly.

Just don’t look in my office – I haven’t organized that yet. Almost every file was dumped out somewhere between New Jersey and Colorado and I still need to go through about 20 years’ worth of papers and save what we need and shred the rest.

Ok, I’ll show it to you.  It is actually much worse than the picture shows, you can’t see the area in front of the desk!

pictures for laura 002

But other than that, I really want to get back to this blog. I miss it and I miss my bloggy friends. Problem is even though one would think I would have a ton to write about, I can’t think of a blessed thing.

So, last night on Facebook, I asked for suggestions and one of my younger friends said I should write about how much I love and miss her.

Good idea. Thanks, A!

Because the truth is part of my bloggy dry spell is being caused by homesickness for my friends in New Jersey. I am so thankful that we got to move to Colorado and live near family, but New Jersey was our home for 10 years!

I miss my church family at CBC so much that it’s hard to feel at home at church here. I miss my many friends that I could just pick up the phone and grab lunch or coffee with at any time. I miss my friend, S, that I could goof around with and then share my heart and pray with.

But, I know God has moved us here for a reason and He is using this season when I am the new girl to teach me to depend on Him for all my needs. When I am looking for a friend to talk to, I need to turn to Him. When I am frustrated with my kids and need advice, I have to turn to Him because there is no one here who I am close enough to to be that open with.

This newness hurts, but it is good. It is good for me to have only God. Of course, I have my husband and extended family, but I know God wants me to learn to look to Him first – to need only Him.

Soon enough, I will have a full calendar again and a church and girlfriends to go to lunch and coffee with. But for now, Jesus is teaching me some lessons that I could only have learned by being taken way out of my comfort zone of the familiar and plopped down across the country in a beautiful new place full of His possibilities.


3 Responses to “You don’t call, you don’t write – What’s up with that?!”

  1. misty said

    i think most people are on a bloggy dry spell honestly. But really, heartache can be good OR bad for the blog. At any rate, I hope things start looking up for you!

  2. Kim said

    Our home church is a CBC too 🙂 And I miss the folks like crazy. Having moved a bit (this is house #14 and continent #3) since we were married 30 years ago, I know well how hard it is to move and get settled. For some reason some places seemed easier than others. Not sure why. Without a doubt, the hardest was to a state where we didn’t know anyone. At all. Even the move here wasn’t as bad because we were joining our friends and co-workers, and my hubby has a number of friends in this province. But still. Yeah, moving is hard any way you look at it. But you’re right, God will use this time in your life. You have the right attitude!

  3. Pam M. said

    Maybe it’s because I’m overtired. Maybe it’s because I feel overwhelmed by life right now. Or maybe it’s because I’m feeling lonely and somewhat disconnected. But when I read this post, I just burst into tears.

    I love you and miss you, too, Carol.

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