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Our New Neighbor

Posted by Carol on August 19, 2009

Several of you have asked me to tell  you more about our new home and to post some pictures. That’s a good idea. But, first I thought I’d introduce you to our newest neighbor.

He’s a bit rude, comes over uninvited, and does not clean up after himself at all. In fact, that’s how we knew he was here – he started using our front porch as his bathroom.

I was able to snap a picture of him, however. He doesn’t seem the least bit camera shy.

bat 004My kids think he’s cute, but I’ve told my husband, either the bat goes or I’m selling the house.


One Response to “Our New Neighbor”

  1. Kim said

    I’m with you! We had such a bat problem in Uganda and if a house was left vacant for even a short amount of time, hundreds of bats moved in. Yuck!

    Hope you can get rid of him before he invites his friends and family over.

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