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Here’s What I’ve Been Up to For the Past Year

Posted by Carol on December 8, 2010

Obviously, it hasn’t been writing.

My last serious (by serious, I mean more than a few words) blog post was around this time last year. I have found that the busier I am, the harder it is for me to write even though it seems the opposite would be true. If I’m busier, it would be logical to think that I have more to write about.

However, I have found that when my brain is full of  “stuff I need to do” the creative section takes a back seat to the busy section. If I don’t have much going on in my life, the creative stuff has room in my brain to grow and develop into ideas and a story or blog post.  Is it like that for you, too?  Or am I just weird?

Wait, I think I already know the answer.

My lack of writing would mean that my life has been very busy and full since moving to Colorado in July of 2009. And that’s a good thing, but I miss writing and I miss you. So, it is my intention to start writing this blog again. Here’s hoping anyway.

Ok, back on topic – what have I been up to?  Hmmm, let’s see…

In the fall of ’09 I got my Colorado Real Estate Broker license. You can read about that here and here.  I loved it when I first started and I still love it. All in all, I am very happy with how my first year in the business has gone. I have a fantastic mentor who is generous, honest and wise. She is teaching me so much more that I would have learned on my own this year. I am happy to be working with Keller Williams Realty. It is a real estate company whose founder, CEO, and president are Christians and run the company on Christian principles.  I am working on getting a couple of professional designations to keep up my education and help me serve my clients better. And I even have a few transactions under my belt!

On the family front, Darling Daughter left for her freshman year of college this past August making Dear Hubby and I empty nesters. I was a mess when College Son left in the fall of ’07 – so much so that Hubby was very worried about what my mental state would be when my baby left. After all, she was just in kindergarten last year.

But I surprised both of us by mostly being ok with the whole empty nest situation. I think it is easier the second time around, but I attribute it to the fact that Hubby and I are in a much better place in our marriage than we were in 2007. And that is a very good thing!

As hard as it was to leave our friends, church, and home in New Jersey after we had lived there for 10 years, I am loving life in Colorado. We live very close to my husband’s brother and his family. They have become our dearest friends here. I just love their kids (it helps with the empty nest thing) and my sister-in-law is the absolute best! My mother-in-law lives nearby, too. This is the closest we have ever lived to family our entire married life of almost 25 years. And to be completely honest, while it does have its challenges, I have to say that living near family is better than living far away. 

 Also, jumping right into real estate almost as soon as our last box was unpacked, forced me out of my comfort zone and opened the door for me to meet many, many wonderful people both in and out of the real estate world. I tried (unsuccessfully) to start a business networking group, and even though it didn’t take off the way I’d hoped, I am very thankful for the contacts and friends I made through that attempt.

So that’s really it. That’s what I’ve been up to. Nothing really earth shattering or super exciting, but I am thankful and happy and look forward to our second full year in Colorado.

And I look forward to a new year of blog posts 😉


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Got kids leaving for college for the first time?

Posted by Carol on August 23, 2009

My son left for college in the fall of 2007 for his first semester. He went to a college far, far away from home. The best way I can describe how I felt is “mourning”. I was mourning the end of the time he would live with us full time. Now that he’s been at college for a few years, and we’ve moved a whole lot closer to where he attends, and since we’ve replaced him with a Shih-tzu, I am doing much better.

A few weeks ago, Adrienne Carlson contacted me about writing a guest post for I Throw Like a Girl. So, I asked her to write an article on how mothers feel when their kids go off to college for the first time. I think she did an excellent job and I hope her advice will help those of you who are experiencing an empty nest or almost empty nest for the first time. Please thank Adrienne for me by leaving her some comments and by visiting her website!

Here’s Adrienne:

Mothers’ Emotions over Children’s First College Experience

You carry them in your body for nine months or so, nourishing and nurturing them as they get ready to be born into this world. You then spend the next 17 years taking care of their every need, cosseting them when they need to be pampered, taking them to task when they need to be disciplined, offering them a shoulder to cry on and words of wisdom when they’re emotionally distressed, and tucking them in to bed every night with a kiss even though you’ve just yelled at them for not keeping their room clean.

Parenting is a tough job, but one that offers a great deal of joy in return. As a mother, you love your kids more than anything else in the world. Maybe it is because they are a part of you, maybe it is just the way motherhood is – the moment you know they are going to leave home for college, you are torn between two conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you are filled with joy because your child is now an adult, all grown up and off to college. But on the other, your heart feels heavy because your young one is now ready to leave the nest and you’re going to have an empty room instead of a messy one.

It’s hard to take when your child is moving away from home, even if it’s for a short span of time. You know that things will never be the same again and that your son or daughter is starting their journey of life, on a path that is now going to take a different route from the one you take. You know that your paths will cross every now and then, but from now on, your baby is on his or her own.

Once your child has settled in college, you’re going to have to prepare yourself for many changes – from calling home often in the first few months, he or she is going to almost forget you when they’re busy with their friends, lessons and other social activities at school and not call for many days together, unless it is to ask for money. It may be difficult to cut the apron strings loose, but that’s just what you have to do if you want your child to be independent and responsible.

The visits home are going to become rare because your child is going to want to go away with friends during vacations or better still, secure positions as interns in order to get a head start on their careers. As a mom, you must also brace yourself for major or minor disasters when your child comes home distraught because of an affair that has gone wrong or any other emotional problem. You may have warned them beforehand, but even so, when it happens, offer comfort and constructive advice instead of saying “I told you so”.

Throughout all this, it is your responsibility as a mother to pray for them and with them, talk to them about their concerns and activities, avoid interfering in their lives unless you’re asked to, and reassure them that you love them and are there for them, no matter what.


This guest article was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes on the topic of online christian colleges . Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: adrienne.carlson83@yahoo.com 

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Reporting live from 1777 miles from home.

Posted by Carol on January 18, 2009

Well, here we are, far, far away from home. We’ve done our Target runs, checked into (but haven’t moved into) the dorm, met the roommate, and eaten out a lot.

All that’s left to do today is to move into the dorm, buy the textbooks and supplies, and remember I don’t wear waterproof mascara when it’s time to say goodbye tonight. Then tomorrow morning, I get on a plane to fly 1777 miles away from my heart. Other than that, no problem.

The plane ride out was great. Since my son has the same name as my husband, and my husband travels so much for his job that he has reached exalted status on Continental Airlines, College Son got bumped to first class.

Being the kind-hearted kid that he is, and under orders from his dad, he gave me his seat in first class.  I could have gotten all sentimental and asked the gate agent to give me a seat in coach next to my darling child who I won’t be seeing for several months, but HELLO? First Class!

While College Son was back in row 15 sandwiched between very-large-snoring guy, and lady-who-reads-out-loud-to-herself, I was in the land of Lots O Leg Room and Real Food Served With Real Metal Utensils.

Not long after take-off, a flight attendant offered the First Class passengers something to drink.  After the drinks were served, she then took our breakfast orders. The choices were a cheese omelet or oatmeal. I chose the cheese omelet. When the omelet arrived it also came with two slices of ham and a sausage. On the side was a bowl of sliced fruit and a bowl of yogurt. I decided to really live large and ask for coffee AND oj to drink.  The omelet was surprisingly delicious for airplane food.

Meanwhile back in coach, College Son, VLSG, and LWROLTH were offered cold cereal, a muffin and a drink.

At the end of the flight, right before landing, they passed out warm chocolate chip cookies and milk to the first class passengers. Sweet!

Tomorrow I will be in coach possibly next to a VLSG and LWROLTH, and there will definitely be no fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  But I will be going home, and that’s even better.

Gotta run, College Son is anxious to get going to the dorms!

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And we’re off…

Posted by Carol on January 16, 2009

By the time many of you read this, I will be on an airplane with my son, our first born child, flying (hence the airplane) to a far off land exactly 1,777 miles from home to deliver him back to college.


He was home for the fall semester because he thought he wanted to go to a school closer to home because he missed his us and his friends more than he thought he would. He had a few other reasons, also. While I was very happy to have him back under our roof for a while, I felt in my heart that it was probably best for him to return to the university where he started as a freshman in the fall of 2007.

Heck, I wish I could return to the university where he started as a freshman in the fall of 2007! They have a weekly cleaning service and dining halls with all-you-can-eat meals open all hours of the day and night. The recreation center puts most neighborhood gyms to shame. Which makes sense in light of the all-you-can-eat meals. That and the boatloads of money the parents send every semester.

Anyway, when we first dropped College Son off to said college 1 1/2 years ago, I was pretty much a basket case. I felt like someone had died. Hubs did his best to cheer me up. And eventually, we found a new normal at home even though 1/4 of us was missing.

This time, even though I will likely embarrass him when it is time for me to leave on Monday, I know he will be ok. He’s ready. He was ready 1 1/2 years ago.

I just needed more time for me to be ready.

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This may be why I don’t decorate more often, just sayin’

Posted by Carol on November 5, 2008

Do you remember this post where I told you that I got all Martha Stewart-ish and made a fall table decoration out of Indian corn and miniature pumpkins?  Well, College Son wanted to know what would happen if he put one of those Indian corn cobs in the microwave. And we took some pictures of it for your bloggy enjoyment.





And a good time was had by all.

(I think the reflection of the camera in the back of the microwave adds a special touch. Don’t you?)

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Worship Song Sunday ~ Washed by the Water by NEEDTOBREATHE

Posted by Carol on September 7, 2008

This is College Son’s favorite song. So, CS, this one’s for you! Oh, and the fact that I have the plague and can’t breathe through my nose at all had nothing to do with my song choice this week.

To hear more inspiring worship songs, check out Amy’s blog Signs, Miracles, and Wonders.

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A Wise Fool?

Posted by Carol on August 26, 2008

For those of you out there struggling through 2 AM feedings, potty training, the terrible twos, the first day of kindergarten and all those other wonderful but sometimes grueling milestones that come with raising younger children, here’s a glimpse of what’s to come when those little ankle biters grow into teenagers.

First, just a little background – our 19 year old son just started his sophomore year of college at a local school so he is living at home this semester.  His freshman year was spent at a large university over 1000 miles away, so he has had 9 months of total freedom from his parents.  No curfews, no calling mom if he is running late, no one telling him to do his homework, clean his room, etc.  And he did a very good job. 

Having him home again has been great, but has required some adjustments on both sides. For example, yesterday he helped some of his friends move back to college about a half hour away.  The original plan was that he was going to spend the night at the college, so we were not expecting him home.  We had been in bed for several hours when we heard the garage open at 1:45 AM.  College Son came not too quietly up the stairs and into our room.

CS – “Just wanted to let you know that I came home. They don’t have air conditioning at the college and I couldn’t sleep.”

Us -“Gee, thanks for letting us know. Good night.”

Next thing we know it’s 3:30 AM and all the lights are on in our house.  I got out of bed to see who was still up and what was going on and discovered that not only was College Son nowhere to be found, but neither was our 16 year old Dear Daughter.

Thank goodness for cell phones because I called DD’s phone and she answered it like it was 3:30 in the afternoon.

Us – “Where are you and CS?”

DD – “We went out for a drive to talk.”

Us -“You couldn’t just stay home and talk?”

DD – “No, we wanted a change of scenery.”

Us – “Well, come home right now and the next time you want a change of scenery, wait until morning and ask us first.”

DD – “Ok, we’re almost home.  We’ll be there in one minute.”

And sure enough, we heard the garage door open for the second time in the middle of that night.

Wouldn’t common sense have told CS that he should have reversed things a bit?  That he should have NOT woken us up to tell us he was home when we weren’t expecting him to be, yet when he was taking his 16 year old sister OUT of the house at three in the morning, that might be something we’d be interested in knowing?

I looked up the word sophomore in dictionary.com.  It is derived from two Greek words.  The first one is sophos which means wise.  The second is moros which means stupid. 

If the shoe fits.

Tee Hee!

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Look Who Else Came to Visit

Posted by Carol on August 18, 2008

College Son is petting sitting his friend’s rats for a few days this week.  I just have two questions: 

1.  Rats as pets. Why?

2.  Why was I so upset about him going to a college far, far away?  Someone please remind me. 






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Just Keepin’ It Real With a List

Posted by Carol on August 6, 2008

As I am sure you are all fully aware, August is here.  Although I am loving the warm summer days, and the longish daylight hours of this season, August is bittersweet to me this year for several reasons. 

They are:

1.  College Son is not 100% sure he does not want to go back to the evil college that took him over 1777 miles from home last year.  He has not withdrawn yet, and we have paid no tuition anywhere, so he very well could end up back there.  The ironic part is that I think it may be the very best thing for him to do.  We discussed it at length today, and even as my heart started aching thinking of him leaving again, the words coming out of my mouth were all the reasons he should probably return.  He’s got some very good reasons for staying here, too, though.  He has to decide by next week. Edited to add: It looks like CS is staying in-state after all! 

2.  August means school will be starting for Dear Daughter in a few weeks.  (Sigh)  If you have been reading my blog since before the summer, you know that she has some, uh, let’s say, issues with school.  None of which are her fault and I’m not just being a protective mama bear.  We’re not even sure where she will be attending school this fall.  Her old school? Most likely not.  A different public school?  Maybe.  A private Christian school?  That would be my preference, but slim pickin’s where we live.  Homeschool?  Not the best choice for her for a number of reasons, but an excellent option if we need it.  So, stress?  Yes.

3.  Dear Hubby has been out of town for over a week and counting.  Yes, he has a return ticket home, so not to worry, but, GET HOME ALREADY! (sorry for shouting)

4.  We will be having a house guest next week whom I have never met. This person will be here for 7 nights.  I normally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE company, but this one has me praying for an extra serving of the Fruit of the Spirit in my life next week.  And that’s all I can say about that.

So, August this year, not so much my favorite month.  September might be looking better.  We’ll see. Here’s what I’ll be doing in the meantime…

I Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.” 

Good advice, I must say.




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Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Posted by Carol on May 5, 2008

Oh my goodness! I am going to attempt to write this post and be coherent even though it is 12:37AM.  For some reason WordPress thinks it’s 4:37AM which just makes me feel more tired. (They use GMT…whatever).  It just means that they say the day is over when it’s only 8:00PM here which bugs me to no end because I know darn well that there are 4 more hours left to the day and they get to say it’s over when it’s not really over.

Done ranting now, thankyouverymuch!

Anyway, you may guess by the title of my post that I am slighty happy about something.  You would be right, aside from my rant above.

College Son called home again.  Yes, the one that broke his mother’s heart by choosing a college that is exactly 1777 miles away from here.  Well, College Son will be home from said college in exactly 2 weeks.  In 14 days he will be sleeping under the same roof as the rest of us for the whole, entire summer.  Unless, of course, he decides he wants to go on a short-term missions trip, which I would support 100% whole-heartedly.

But wait! There’s more!  Not only is CS coming home in 2 weeks.  Remember, I told you there was a phone call recently and it wasn’t to tell me that he was coming home.  I already knew that.  He was calling to say that he wants to transfer to a college in our state!  He has had a great experience where he is. He has done a good job, but he misses his family and friends more than he thought he would. I’m not going to say “I told you so”. But I can think it.

So, depending on which college he chooses, he will either be a half hour from home or two hours from home.  Either one is fine with me because now we have two great things – CS home for the weekend more often and (cue angel’s singing) IN-STATE TUITION!

It’s a beautiful thing.

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