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I wasn’t going to say anything, but…

Posted by Carol on December 11, 2008

today is my birthday and look what Dear Husband did!

birthday-flowers-002They look even better in real life.  I didn’t plan on making a big deal about my birthday on my blog, but I wanted to thank Dear Hubby for making my day and being so sweet. I love you!

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She’s Got Game

Posted by Carol on January 13, 2008

Tonight was my sister’s 40th birthday party. Right now she is wearing an “Over the Hill” tiara, a flower lei, a flashing button that says “Kiss Me, It’s My Birthday”, and a great big smile on her face from being surrounded by friends and family. My sister is loved by many people. She is a kind, fun, thoughtful, wonderful, special person. You might remember her from this story.

But if she is, in fact, “over the hill” then I must have one foot in the grave because she is my younger sister. By three whole years. However, she did just get her first pair of prescription glasses, while my eye doctor says I still don’t need any, but who’s keeping score?

My brother-in-law planned the party and every single person who was invited came. The only ones that didn’t show called today to bow out because they were sick. The theme of the party was “She’s Got Game” and it was a night filled with competition. We were put into teams made up of one guy and one girl and we couldn’t be paired with our spouse – a rule that probably saved several marriages. We played rounds of pool, air hockey, ping pong, foosball, darts, and Wii bowling. My partner and I lost every single round except for the Wii bowling. Probably because, well, I Throw Like a Girl.

My husband and his partner, who happened to be the Birthday Girl, came in third overall. My bro-in-law’s team came in second, and another team won first place which was the only reason the crowd did not mutiny and accuse us of having the whole thing rigged. The prizes were first, second, and third place medallions and Wawa gift cards.

If you don’t know what Wawa is, you’re not from the Northeast. The first person to comment with what a Wawa is will get extra credit. 🙂 And if you wish my sister a Happy Birthday, I will forward the message on to her and it will make a great day even better!

Happy Birthday, Little Sis!


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The Birthday Gift

Posted by Carol on December 12, 2007

Yesterday was my birthday!  One of the gifts I received was from my husband’s step mother.  She sent me a beautiful prayer journal with the words “My Daily Prayer & Praise Journal” printed on the front cover along with a beautiful picture of a sunset.

Yesterday morning (before any presents were opened), as I was reading the Bible, I read this verse:

“Anyone who is having troubles should pray.  Anyone who is happy should sing praises.” James 5:13

Coincidence?  I think not.

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