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Happy Mother’s Day ~ Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

Posted by Carol on May 8, 2010

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Honk if You Love Jesus!

Posted by Carol on December 28, 2007

When I was a pharmaceutical rep, I spent many hours a day in my car driving from office to office.  I would often notice the other cars on the road that had bumper stickers or license plate frames saying “Honk if you love Jesus!” or “God is my Co-Pilot”.  There also would be those Christian fish stick-ons and crosses hanging from the rear view mirror.  Even though I did not have any Christian identifiers on my car (kinda frowned upon to put stickers on the company car),  it brought me a sense of comfort to know that I was not alone out there in the world, that there were other Christians on the same highway as me. 

Now that I don’t have a company car anymore, I still don’t have any Christian fish or “In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned” stickers on my car.  The way I drive, I’m afraid it would do more harm than good for me to advertise my faith that way.  Seriously. But that’s another post for another day.

But God does not call us to use bumper stickers, Christian t-shirts, tattoos or smoke signals for others to know Whose we are.  He did, however,  leave us a very specific method for us to identify ourselves with Christ.

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13:35

At first glance, it sounds very easy, but in practice, it is not easy or simple.  It is much easier to slap a sticker on your car than it is to love your neighbor as yourself.

I received a letter from a very wise man today.  Here is a bit he had to say about love.

“Oh, it is easy to love the lovely, but loving the unlovely is a huge problem for many of us – me!  Our spouses, children, friends can become quite unlovely at times. And how terrible we can be to those we really love the most.  We are afraid to expose ourselves and love no matter what happens.”

I think he hit the nail on the head.  Loving each other takes risk. It also takes humility. It takes exposing a part of our hearts that we’d really rather protect most of the time. 

Sometimes showing love rather than anger or defensiveness or vengeance can be perceived by others as weakness. That’s where the humility comes in. It goes against human nature to show love to others in a way that will tell the world that we are His.

We all know the passage in I Corinthians 13, but I think it is worth reading again and again.  I once heard a preacher say that we can replace the word “love” in each verse with “Jesus”.  When we read it that way, it shows us how much love it really takes to show that we are His disciples.

“Jesus is patient, Jesus is kind. Jesus does not envy, He does not boast, He is not proud. Jesus is not rude, He is not self-seeking, He is not easily angered, Jesus keeps no record of wrongs. Jesus does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Jesus always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres”.                                                                                                                    I Corinthians 13:4-7 

With Love, Carol

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