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Teen Logic

Posted by Carol on July 1, 2008

In our house, we never rarely use bad language.  My kids are not little, so it would not be the end of the world if they heard mom or dad “slip” and say a curse word now and then, but we don’t have to worry about them repeating things at inopportune times anymore, like in Sunday School or in front of the pastor.  But we just don’t do it. 

Both Dear Hubby and I were raised in Christian homes where there was no cursing, went to a Christian high school, and then a very legalistic Christian college.  If we had said a curse word at college, there would have been a distinct possibility that we would have our tongues cut out of our mouths with a dull machete. 

But other than that, college was a total blast.

Not that I’m in favor of using curse words.  As a Christian we do want to be salt and light and different from the world.  But I don’t fall over in anaphalactic shock if I hear a bad word.

All that to say, the other day my teenage daughter and I were talking and she let the word H.E.L.L. slip.  She caught herself and waited for my reaction. 

“So, you learned a new vocab word at school?” I said.

“Uhm, no, I just decided that H.E.L.L. is not a bad word to use.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“Well”, she explained, “we don’t use God’s name because He is holy and we want to show Him respect,  but H.E.L.L. is just a place made for Satan and his demons.  Why should we treat it with the same reverence and respect that we give to God’s name?  It’s just a word and by not using it we are putting it on the same level with things that deserve to be set apart.”


I think I will send her to my Alma Mater and have her explain things to the Dean.






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Not to Worry

Posted by Carol on April 3, 2008

Some days I wonder, what would I worry about if I did not have children?  Because, really, I don’t worry about anything else in the world, but my kids.

My health? Not so much. God has already numbered all my days and I know where I’m going when I die.

Finances? No, because I know God will provide all our needs.

Retirement?  We’ll be ok even if we have to work at McDonald’s.

Relationships?  God has given me good friends and He is the best friend of all.

World peace?  He knows how it’s all going to end, so I know He will bring world peace in His own time. Plus, world peace is Miss America’s job and I’m not her.

Global warming?  Again, God has His own plan for making a New Heaven and New Earth, so I’ll try to be responsible and trust Him for the rest.

So, could someone please give me something to worry about besides my kids? I promise I’ll do a good job.

Thank you.

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