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A Peek at The Peak

Posted by Carol on April 4, 2011

Every day when I leave my neighborhood, I see this gorgeous view of Pikes Peak:

Pikes Peak

And every time I see it, I am amazed at its beauty.

One day as I was being amazed at the beauty of Pikes Peak, I thought to myself, “I should take a picture of this every day and post it on my blog so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do”.

So the next day, I took this picture:

Pikes Peak (again)

And the day after that, I took this picture:

Pikes Peak (yet again)

And I realized that Pikes Peak pretty much looks the same everyday, give or take some snow. And clouds. And sunshine. Which I guess is what makes it look so amazing every time I see it.

It’s something I’ll never get tired of looking at.


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But Other Than That, Colorado is Just Like New Jersey

Posted by Carol on December 2, 2010

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I’ve learned there is something good about every where we’ve lived!

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Our Move to Colorado in Pictures

Posted by Carol on July 16, 2009

Trying to put words to the whole experience of moving across the country from New Jersey to Colorado would not only be a very long post, but a very boring one as well. Instead, here are some pictures I took along the way to remember the experience by.

Moving and new house pics 015Our kitchen in NJ all boxed up.

Moving and new house pics 018The movers padded the doorway and protected the floors as they moved everything out.

Moving and new house pics 028Off they go to start the long trip from NJ to CO

Moving and new house pics 019Getting ready for our very long trip from NJ to CO

Moving and new house pics 032We passed St. Louis at around 6:30 am. Little did I know at this point that in a few short hours, I would get a speeding ticket in Kansas City. Thanks for the memories, Missouri!

Moving and new house pics 038Windmills in Kansas (almost to Colorado!)

Moving and new house pics 069And finally- the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (this is the view I see of Pikes Peak when I drive out of my new neighborhood)

Moving and new house pics 009Here’s Kobi – the only member of the family to get car sick on this trip and it was a lovely experience. He is actually the reason we drove from NJ to CO instead of flying. We didn’t want to put him under the plane after hearing too many horror stories from friends who have flown with their dogs.

Obviously, we all made it safe and sound. Most of the boxes are unpacked, pictures are hung on the walls (thanks to my husband’s brother and sister-in-law!), the kids have made a few friends, and I am trying to learn my way around a new town and a new grocery store.

Today while dropping some clothes off at the cleaners for the first time, the woman who worked there saw my New Jersey license plates and asked me about them. It turns out she is from Philadelphia and was tickled to meet someone from her neck of the woods.

I want to say that tomorrow I will tell you how it really is a small world after all, but we all know that lately my “tomorrow” means two to three days from now.

(But I really will try for tomorrow.)

(Thanks for your patience.)

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