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WFMW ~ Removing Candle Wax or How I saved my pants.

Posted by Carol on February 17, 2009

At the doctors’ office where I work, we try very hard to make the atmosphere very homey and welcoming.  One of the things we do to accomplish that is to always have a scented candle burning.

The last candle we burned came in a tall mason jar and smelled like Grandma’s Kitchen. Actually that was the name of the scent, but it smelled really good.  The only problem with a candle that comes in a tall mason jar is trying to light that candle with a regular sized lighter when the wax gets too low.

Rather than give up on having our office smell deliciously like Grandma’s Kitchen when the candle got too low, we rigged up a system where we would light a smaller votive candle then stick our hand with the lit votive down into the tall mason jar and hope that the wick would catch on fire.

I use the word “we” very loosely here because I am usually the one who lights the candle. It’s not actually part of my job description, but since the docs are kind enough to buy me coffee almost every day, I figure I can handle lighting a candle for them.

Anyway, as you can imagine, there are certain risks when one chooses to light a candle in such a way, one of which is possibly burning your fingers off. I was fortunate enough to avoid the burning finger tragedy, but something almost as bad happened to me while observing the daily lighting of the candle ritual last week.

I got candle wax on my favorite pants. {Gasp!}

The only thing I could think of to save the pants was the ol’ ice cube to harden the wax and scrape it off trick, but sadly, that didn’t work.

I just happened to mention my wax woes to a friend (I know, I’m a fascinating conversationalist) and she gave me this hint that totally saved my pants.

She told me to heat up an iron and place a paper towel  over the wax on the pants. Once the iron gets hot, place it over the paper towel covered wax and it will lift right off. This worked for my pants and I’m sure it would work to get wax off a table cloth or anything else that wax might drip on.

This worked for me. To see what might work for you, head on over to Shannon’s blog for her last edition of Works for Me Wednesday.

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